What Are You Doing To Stress Out Your Employees?

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what-are-you-doing-to-stress-outThose working in the health and mental health arena are already dealing with significant stress on the job working with patients, clients and caregivers.  But are you another source of stress for your colleagues, subordinates and managers?  Here are 3 areas to consider as we usher in the New Year:

  1. Are you providing lousy customer service to your colleagues, subordinates and managers? More than ever, healthcare professionals are asked to provide great customer service along with outstanding clinical outcomes.   Can you commit to treating your team members with the same courtesy you offer your patients and their caregivers?
  2. Does your workplace have poor boundaries?  Work and personal lives often bleed into each other because of technology, but it’s important to remember that healthcare professionals need to recharge during their time off.  Can you commit to only contacting colleagues who are not “on call” if it’s a true emergency?
  3. Do you make assumptions when there is a mistake or something does not go as planned?  When we assess a patient’s health or mental health, we ask lots of questions so we know how to proceed to help them.  It’s important to do the same when something does not go right at work.  Sure, it could be that an employee is incompetent.  But often when there is a mistake or something does not go as planned, it’s because procedures and policies need to be revisited.

What other strategies can help you reduce the stress of your healthcare workplace?

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