Travel This Holiday Season With An Older Loved One

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This time of year, plans are being made for travel this holiday season. Traveling during the holidays can often be daunting: traffic, airport delays, bad weather. But what if you will travel this holiday season with an older loved one? There are a whole other set of possible challenges to anticipate.

If your plans to travel this holiday season include an older adult, consider checking out Valerie M. Grubb’s hot new book Planes, Canes And Automobiles: Connecting With Your Aging Parents Through Travel. While Grubb and her 84-year old mother are world travelers who consider their trips a bonding experience, this book offers great tips that can be applied for less adventurous older adults who simply plan to travel this holiday season.

Born from Grubb’s blog, Planes, Canes And Automobiles primarily offers helpful strategies for adult children taking their parents on a vacation. But caregivers of an older loved one planning travel this holiday season for family functions and parties will find practical ideas on how to make it easier. This book would also be a great gift for caregivers because its tips can be applied beyond travel this holiday season. For example, many strategies in this book can help caregivers and older loved ones more efficiently and safely travel for medical appointments.

While adult children and other caregiving family members will find this book invaluable, older persons who want to save time, energy and money while vacationing will also find lots of helpful ideas in this book. If you are a caregiver or older person who will travel this holiday season, consider checking out Planes, Canes and Automobiles at

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