The Other AAA

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When most people hear the term “AAA”, they think of the American Automobile Association. But there is another AAA that older adults and their family members should know about.

When a person begins caring for an older parent, spouse, or other loved one, it can be overwhelming. One of the best first steps a caregiver can make is to learn as much as possible about local resources. While there are many types of free, insurance-eligible, and fee-based services available for caregivers and seniors, most caregivers don’t know where to begin their search. I always recommend that caregivers of older adults begin by contacting their local Area Agency on Aging.

Many professionals in the senior care field refer to the Area Agency on Aging as your local AAA.  Every city, county or cluster of counties/towns is mandated to have one of these organizations by the federal government. Your local AAA is typically managed by local government or a non-profit organization. Begin by calling the Senior Information & Assistance line. They may not have the answer to all of your questions, but they can at least point you in the right direction. Your local AAA should be able to put you in contact with other government services, non-profit organizations and for-profit companies that can support you and your loved one.

To find your local Area Agency on Aging or AAA, go to Simply plug in your zip code or city and state to find your AAA.

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