The Downside of Not Embracing Technology

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It’s a well-known fact that Millennials were practically born with an i-pad and smartphone in hand. At the same time, Baby Boomers and older (and even some Gen-Xers) who did not major in computer science are frequently less technologically adept. Some older generations even express pride in their refusal to accept digital trends like Facebook and texting, citing a preference for old-fashioned voice to voice or in-person communication. But not embracing technology can be a real disadvantage for middle age and older generations.

4 consequences of not embracing technology include:

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Blending Multiple Generations At The Office

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Since mandatory retirement has long been abolished in most industries, we are living in a time where there are multiple generations of employees working together. Healthy seasoned octogenarians working alongside college interns and every age group in between can make for a particularly generationally diverse workforce. This
age diversity in the workplace presents challenges in areas of communication, expectations, work ethic and abilities and strengths.

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