3 Ways To Talk To Older Parents This Thanksgiving Without Starting A Fight

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The holiday season is upon us and many adult children are seeing their aging parents for the first time in a while (and for several days in a row).  You may think this is the perfect time to discuss concerns about driving, their ability to live alone or overall health issues.  But since you also want to have a peaceful relaxing holiday, how do you gently broach conversations without putting them on the defensive?  Here are three tips:

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Which Generations Should You Spend Your Money On?

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75-year old Janet put her house on the market with the intention of eventually moving to assisted living. Miraculously—and unexpectedly–her house sold virtually overnight! Upon the sale, Janet moved in with her daughter Connie and Connie’s husband Jeff as a temporary solution. Immediately Janet and Connie began the search for the right assisted living community.

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3 Myths On How Caregiving Impacts Your Employees

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Caregiving impacts your employees–even those you may not think struggle with this responsibility. Here are 3 myths workplaces perpetuate about caregivers who also have jobs:

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The Downside of Not Embracing Technology

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It’s a well-known fact that Millennials were practically born with an i-pad and smartphone in hand. At the same time, Baby Boomers and older (and even some Gen-Xers) who did not major in computer science are frequently less technologically adept. Some older generations even express pride in their refusal to accept digital trends like Facebook and texting, citing a preference for old-fashioned voice to voice or in-person communication. But not embracing technology can be a real disadvantage for middle age and older generations.

4 consequences of not embracing technology include:

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Howard Stern Afraid Of Being Irrelevant…Are You?

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Radio talk show host and self-proclaimed “king of all media” Howard Stern turned 62 this month. Howard Stern has never been shy about celebrating his birthday, having hosted a number of celebrity-fueled “birthday shows” on the radio over the last 30+ years. So it was surprising to hear him mention he’s underplaying his birthday this year, saying he’s trying to “keep it quiet so you guys still think I’m relevant at this old age.”

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