Leading Your Caregiving Crew: How to Better Communicate With Friends & Family About What You & Your Loved One Need – By Jennifer L. FitzPatrick

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If you have a career and are also juggling care for an older or sick loved one, your stress level is likely at an all-time high.  Throughout Cruising Through Caregiving: Reducing The Stress of Caring For Your Loved One, I encourage stressed working caregivers in the primary caregiver role to view themselves as managers.  Family, friends and paid help supporting you are your caregiving team (much like a staff).  But do you know how to get what you need from your team once they are assembled?  Communicate Like A Leader by Dianna Booher can help.

Because Communicate Like A Leader is a business book, it effortlessly resonates with caregivers who also have careers.  Here are three of Booher’s business tips that can be applied to caregiving:

  1. Coach rather than critique.  Booher discusses how in business we can be quick to criticize rather than coach someone.  The same happens all the time in caregiving.  Stressed-out working caregivers frequently push their caregiving team members away with harsh criticism.  Communicate Like A Leader’s coaching tips will help you empower your caregiving team.
  2. Booher cautions against hoarding information in the workplace.  This is also a major problem for working caregivers.  Working caregivers are often so harried they neglect to share information that will help their crew members more effectively participate in the caregiving process.  For example, give regular updates about changes in medication, treatment plan and diagnoses. Share as much as you are able to with your caregiving team and encourage them to do the same with you.
  3. Embrace the humor. While caregiving can be simultaneously heartbreaking and exasperating, there are moments of levity.   Your Mom with Alzheimer’s disease just hit on your granddaughter’s boyfriend.  Your father-in-law who fell tells you he is “bored” while you wait with him in the hospital emergency department (while you are missing a mandatory meeting at work).   Acknowledging and sharing the humor of such moments can save your sanity.

Particularly for working primary caregivers, embracing business strategies can help streamline the caregiving process, reducing burnout for all.  Communicate Like A Leader is just the business book that can help you do that.

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Jennifer L. FitzPatrick – MSW, LCSW-C, CSP
The founder of Jenerations Health Education, Inc., Jennifer FitzPatrick has over 20 years’ experience in healthcare and gerontology. The author of Cruising Through Caregiving: Reducing The Stress of Caring For Your Loved One, she is also a gerontology instructor at Johns Hopkins University and an Education Consultant to the Alzheimer’s Association. She helps you reduce stress and increase productivity, morale and revenue. Jennifer and Cruising Through Caregiving have been featured in Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, The Huffington Post, Reader’s Digest, Univision and The Chicago Tribune. She has also appeared on ABC and Sirius XM.

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