Do you want less stressed-out staff, patients and caregivers? Do you want less drama and better communication in your healthcare workplace?

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Navigating Communication With Different Generations: Reducing Drama and Conflict In Healthcare

Today’s healthcare workplace is comprised of colleagues, vendors and customers from up to five different adult generations. Much like gender, socioeconomics and race, our generational affiliation strongly influences how we think, communicate and lead. In order for Traditionalists and Baby Boomers to collaborate more effectively with Generations X, Y and Z, everyone has to tweak their instinctive communication approach. This program will help improve morale and productivity, while reducing misunderstandings and resentment in healthcare workplace communication.

Learning outcomes:
  • Better clinical outcomes for patients and clients
  • Reduced drama, misunderstandings and conflict in the healthcare workplace
  • Increased productivity and profitability
Possible Formats

45-90 minute keynote
90 minute to 3 hour interactive workshop

This program is perfect for:
  • Healthcare executives wanting to improve productivity, profits and morale
  • Healthcare managers of age diverse teams
  • Younger healthcare managers leading older teams
  • Older healthcare managers leading younger teams

Improving Clinical Outcomes By Better Serving Patients & Clients Of Different Generations

Most healthcare providers understand the need to be culturally sensitive when it comes to race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and socioeconomics. Cultural competence in age diversity is not always as well understood or practiced. Frequently healthcare providers don’t stop to consider what communication and treatment strategies will be the most effective based on an adult patient or client’s age. This interactive program will cover best practices in treating the GI Generation, Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z and how to effectively implement them.

Learning outcomes:
  • Better patient satisfaction surveys
  • Improved clinical outcomes for patients and clients
  • Increased patient and client loyalty
Possible Formats

45-90 minute keynote
90 minute to 3 hour interactive workshop

This program is perfect for:
  • Healthcare providers treating adult patients and clients of different age groups
  • Healthcare providers communicating with patient and clients’ caregivers of different age groups
  • Healthcare leaders who want to improve patient satisfaction and clinical outcome while reducing complaints

Before They Jump Ship: Retaining Valued Employees Who Are Caregivers At Home

33 million employees in the United States are caring for a sick or disabled loved one while working hard at their careers. Many of these workers consider quitting, going part-time or changing jobs because they feel like they are drowning in the role of “working caregiver.” During this session, managers will learn how to identify valued, at-risk employees while implementing win-win strategies for supporting them so the workplace remains profitable and productive.

Learning outcomes:
  • Improved morale in the healthcare workplace
  • Reduced time and funds spent on recruitment
  • Less absenteeism in the workplace
  • Increased productivity and profits through creating win-win solutions
Possible Formats

45-90 minute keynote
90 minute to 3 hour interactive workshop

This program is perfect for:
  • Executives who want to improve the work-life balance culture in their organization
  • Managers who want to retain valuable employees and reduce turnover
  • Leaders who want to increase productivity and profits while improving employee morale

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"Jennifer FitzPatrick is a true partner who helps us exceed our marketing goals. Her engaging presentations are customized based on each community's unique challenges and the needs of each audience. We appreciate Jennifer's positive mindset, flexibility and solution-oriented approach to working with Erickson Living."

Christy Dennis, Strategic Marketing Director, Erickson Living

"Jennifer led a program for a room full of stressed-out caregivers working full-time jobs. She clearly understood the challenges they faced and offered concrete suggestions to reduce their stress. I wish all caregivers had the opportunity to be recognized and helped the way our audience was."

-Barbara Fowler, PhD, Lifespan Services Manager, Johns Hopkins University Office of Work, Life and Engagement

"Jennifer helped our members better understand characteristics of different generations and how that impacts communication. This program helped us identify areas where our firms could improve/enhance service to clients and family caregivers of different generations."

- Julia Price, JD, Conference Coordinator, Life Care Law Firms Planning Association (LCPLFA