Occupancy Consulting For Senior Living During The Pandemic

It’s a challenging time in senior living and healthcare.  We can help.

Senior living and healthcare organizations are always looking for ways to spread the word about what services they can offer and how they are different from other organizations.  But right now, it’s particularly important to focus on a virtual strategy.

We are different from other continuing education companies because we know your end game is growing your business.  While we have talented expert speakers, we also understand your marketing and sales challenges.

Jenerations is your partner on growing your organization during this difficult time.  We offer virtual consultations to help you develop a plan to increase your occupancy and to best market your organization’s services to the appropriate groups.

One of the most effective ways to increase your occupancy is by engaging prospective patients, caregivers and professional referral sources through hosting high-quality healthcare marketing events. Jenerations will provide a speaking professional and can help you develop a marketing plan to attract interest in your organization. By providing professional education and caregiver training, you can increase your organization’s profile with the referral sources necessary to increase your occupancy.

Jenerations works with you to customize a marketing plan to increase your occupancy, identifying elder care or complementary topics that will draw your target audience and help you plan the most successful event possible.

Jenerations also offers virtual presentations to help your sales, marketing and admissions team increase your occupancy. Some of our topic choices include:

When Everyone’s Staying Home:

Hosting a Successful Online Marketing Event on Short Notice!

While senior living clinical staff are in crisis mode during this pandemic, marketing and sales teams struggle with how to maintain momentum. What if you were able to still reach your prospective referral sources, family caregivers and residents during this uncertain time?  You can!  This session will show you how and why to move your conferences, CEU marketing events and family education events online.  You will walk away from this program better empowered to sensitively serve prospective residents, families and referral sources while moving your business forward during this challenging time.

Managing Distractions & Staying Focused To Increase Your Occupancy

There are countless distractions in the long-term care and senior living environments. When you work in admissions and marketing, it is easy to get pulled in different directions and away from your focus of increasing referrals and building occupancy. But what are the keys to keep you focused?

This interactive presentation will focus on identifying the recurrent distractions in your work environment and discussing ways to be proactive in minimizing those distractions. Participants will practice building their concentration, focus and mindfulness as tools for minimizing workplace distractions. Since some work interruptions are unavoidable, participants will identify ways to immediately get refocused when they yield to an urgent distraction. While you will never do this perfectly, there are ways you can still achieve your marketing and sales goals to increase your occupancy in an environment wrought with interruptions.


Better Understanding The Senior Living Shopper

The generation in which we are raised impacts how we see the world and communicate. This interactive program will help marketing and sales staff gain better insight into the minds of adult child shoppers of different generations. While many senior living sales strategies are focused on the Baby Boomer adult child, what different approaches are more effective with younger adult children and grandchildren decision makers? What are their fears? What is most important to them? With the changing senior living landscape, understanding how to shift strategies when working with buyers of different age groups is becoming more important. This interactive program will help you improve your marketing plans and communication selling techniques to increase your occupancy.


Hosting The Most Successful Senior Living Event In Your Marketplace

There is a formula for hosting the most successful senior living event in your marketplace. The reason many senior living events fail is because this formula has not been followed. This presentation will show you step-by-step how to go from no prospects visiting your building to having a waiting list of customers wanting to come to your community. Also discussed will be proven strategies for how to become known for hosting events your referral sources and prospective residents and families want to attend. These strategies, when followed will help increase your occupancy.


Pre-Party To After Party: Why Your Senior Living Event Isn’t About The Day Of The Event

Hosting a senior living event is not just about the event itself; in fact, that may actually be the least important part! It’s what you do before and after that can help increase your occupancy. This interactive program will discuss how to capitalize on opportunities before and after your event that your competitors are missing.


Laser-Focused Occupancy Building

This program helps marketing teams:

  • balance rapport-building with new residents & families at admission with transitioning those relationships to clinical and administrative staff upon move-in
  • stay focused on sales and not get pulled into administrative and clinical tasks once a new resident has moved in
  • eliminate seemingly important tasks that are undermining occupancy-building


Occupancy-Focused Coaching For The Non-Sales Staff

This is a train the trainer program for marketing directors, managers, admissions and community relations teams. This program offers strategies on how to train clinical and administrative colleagues about building occupancy. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Why Touring May Not Come Naturally To Your Colleagues
  • How To Help Your Colleagues Become More Comfortable With Touring
  • Effectively Coaching Your Colleagues On Touring To Increase Your Occupancy
  • Tour Feedback Etiquette: Critiquing Your Colleagues For Better Results To Increase Your Occupancy


What’s Your Occupancy? Self-Care For The Senior Living Salesperson

Are you working as hard as you can but your occupancy still isn’t where it’s supposed to be? Are you tired of being asked “what’s your occupancy?” and not having the answer your manager wants? Both research (and common sense) tells us you perform better when you are feeling good. This interactive training program offers evidence-based solutions for taking better care of yourself while managing the pressure cooker of senior living sales and marketing, including keeping your attitude positive when in a sales slump. Ultimately these self-care strategies will help increase your occupancy.

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