These days, there are many assisted living options from which to choose.

Each assisted living has its strengths and excels in various areas. One of the best ways to showcase these strengths is to invite potential residents, their families and professionals who can refer them to your assisted living. We all know this can increase your occupancy. But how do you get them in the door?

Perhaps your assisted living organization’s strengths include one or more of the following:

  • Deficiency-free state surveys
  • Gourmet food
  • Luxury studio, one and two bedroom options
  • State of the art fitness center
  • Secure dementia unit with trained dementia care staff
  • 24 hour nursing
  • Psychiatric services onsite
  • Outstanding clinical outcomes
  • Dignified and cutting edge lifestyle programming, trips and activities

But how do you get prospects in the door to know about the ways your assisted living organization is different and in the process increase your occupancy?


Caregiver Training Courses

Offering caregiver training courses at your assisted living community can be a way to get potential residents and family members to tour your community which can lead to move-ins to increase your occupancy. Jenerations can offer caregiver training courses on dementia, mental health and aging, reducing caregiver stress and many more.
When potential residents and their family members come to these events, it is a non-threatening way for them to get a feel for the personality of your assisted living so they can determine if it is a good match for them. It also gives your assisted living an opportunity to showcase the assisted living’s strengths and is a great strategy to increase your occupancy.

Click here to see a sample of our caregiver training courses.


Continuing Education

Hosting professional courses that offer various types of Continuing Education can be an effective way to build rapport with those who most often refer to your target residents to assisted living options.
With so many assisted living choices in the marketplace, many patients and caregivers ask trusted case managers, nurses, social workers, physical therapists, elder law attorneys and other professionals to recommend assisted living communities for them to consider. When you host Continuing Education, it gives those professionals an opportunity to earn some much-needed Continuing Education while assessing how your assisted living may be a good match for their patients and clients which can increase your occupancy.

Click here to see a sample of our Continuing Education courses.

Events like caregiver training courses and Continuing Education are a great way to increase your occupancy in your assisted living. Contact us so we can discuss a marketing plan to increase your occupancy!


Pandemic-Specific/Healthcare Crisis Topics

Professionals are struggling dealing with the new challenges presented by the pandemic.  Family caregivers and older adults are rethinking decisions about moving to senior living, if it’s safe to bring help into the home, and how to navigate changing “rules” of healthcare.  Jenerations has responded to this by creating new, innovative presentation topics for both professional continuing education and family caregivers/older adults.

Click here for pandemic specific topics.