Howard Stern Afraid Of Being Irrelevant…Are You?

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Radio talk show host and self-proclaimed “king of all media” Howard Stern turned 62 this month. Howard Stern has never been shy about celebrating his birthday, having hosted a number of celebrity-fueled “birthday shows” on the radio over the last 30+ years. So it was surprising to hear him mention he’s underplaying his birthday this year, saying he’s trying to “keep it quiet so you guys still think I’m relevant at this old age.”

One could argue that Howard Stern has never been more relevant. He just renewed his contract at Sirius XM Radio for another five years. On the air for 4+ hours per day with up to 25 million listeners, many media experts laud him as one of the best interviewers of our time. Within minutes of a guest appearing on The Howard Stern Show, quotes and clips are replayed repeatedly on endless media outlets.

So why would someone like Howard Stern worry about becoming irrelevant? It probably hasn’t helped that his agent has told him to “stop talking about your age.” Shouldn’t we as a society start embracing the fact that many of us will hit our stride and have our most meaningful accomplishments in our 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and even beyond? Let’s all be proud of whatever age we are and celebrate every birthday to its fullest with gratitude.

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