Entrepreneurs Who Are Also Family Caregivers Series – By Jennifer L. FitzPatrick

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This article is the second in a series about successful entrepreneurs who are crushing it in their businesses but also managing the challenge of caring for a loved one.

Meet Valerie Grubb, MBA, the owner of Valerie Grubb & Associates. She founded her human resources consulting and training firm after many years in the corporate world. In addition to running her business, Valerie is also the founder of the blog “Travel with Aging Parents” https://travelwithagingparents.com which eventually led to the publication of her book, Planes, Canes, and Automobiles: Connecting With Your Aging Parents Through Travel. This book was inspired by her love of traveling with her older Mom Dorothy.

As Dorothy has aged, Valerie has taken on more of a caregiver role. As a working caregiver, Valerie views being her own boss as an advantage. “Mom’s situation was actually a big driver for me to leave corporate America and go out on my own as I needed more flexibility in my schedule to manage Mom’s life. I don’t know of any company today that would allow me to take time off to go to Mom’s for a week every month and a half. Not sure that exists. So, going out on my own has allowed me to work, yet on my schedule.”

While many employees at larger organizations enjoy the benefits of a Human Resources Department like FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) and other paid time off, many entrepreneurs like Valerie do have the luxury of working from anywhere. Since that is the case for Valerie, she had her mother’s home “wired up” so she could work more efficiently when she’s providing hands-on care for Dorothy.

In what ways does Valerie’s story inspire you? How can you turn being a business owner into a plus while you are a working caregiver?

Jennifer L. FitzPatrick – MSW, LCSW-C, CSP
The founder of Jenerations Health Education, Inc., Jennifer FitzPatrick has over 20 years’ experience in healthcare and gerontology. The author of Cruising Through Caregiving: Reducing The Stress of Caring For Your Loved One, she is also a gerontology instructor at Johns Hopkins University and an Education Consultant to the Alzheimer’s Association. She helps you reduce stress and increase productivity, morale and revenue. Jennifer and Cruising Through Caregiving have been featured in Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, The Huffington Post, Reader’s Digest, Univision and The Chicago Tribune. She has also appeared on ABC and Sirius XM.

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