Do You Need Therapy In 2017?

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Healthcare providers and family caregivers experience tremendous stress.  When the stress becomes overwhelming, sometimes seeing a therapist is a great first step to finding healthier ways to manage it.  Here are five signs that you might benefit from seeing a counselor in 2017 if…

  1. You are constantly talking to friends, family or a spouse/partner about your problems.  When most of your discussions with others focus on a problem area and YOU.
  2. You are a caregiver to a sick or disabled loved one, never get a break, and know that you are martyring yourself.
  3. You are a healthcare provider experiencing compassion fatigue.
  4. You find yourself crying or losing your temper more than usual.
  5. People who love you say they are worried about how stressed out you seem.

How do you find a good therapist?  Asking friends and family is a great first step—you might be surprised how many of your loved ones also see a therapist.  But if you want to keep it private, talk to your primary care doctor or check your insurance company’s database of providers.  If you don’t have insurance, go online and look for a mental health clinic in your area that may offer free or reduced-rate services.


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