Covering For Your Colleagues When They Are Caregiving

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This morning around 7 a.m. I stumbled down to the lobby of my hotel in search of caffeine. Imagine my surprise when I encountered John–who checked me in yesterday afternoon—serving at the coffee bar. “Do you live here!?” I asked him. He smiled and said, “Sort of.”

John went on to explain to me that one of his colleagues has an ill sister. He and others are covering extra shifts for this coworker so she can spend time caring for her sister. It’s been going on for months, he said. “But…I don’t mind. They all helped me out when my Dad was in the hospital.”

I commented on what an incredible team he is part of. He agreed, saying that everyone really tried to cover shifts for one another when caregiving issues arose.

Does your workplace possess this culture of covering for colleagues when they are caregiving? If not, how can you personally be part of a paradigm shift in your organization? If yes, what advice do you offer other organizations who want this culture?

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