Could You “Age in Place” At Your Current Home?

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Most of us would prefer to remain at home indefinitely. But many older adults move in with loved ones or even eventually move to senior living residences. Here are some questions that will help you determine if you could age in place at your current home:

  1. Is your home near trusted healthcare providers and reputable hospitals?
  2. Do you have local social support like close friends and family? Are these people you could rely on in an emergency? It’s best to age in place within at least a half hour of people who truly care about you.
  3. Do you have a bedroom and bathroom on the first floor? If not, could you add these features?
  4. Is laundry accessible on the first floor of your home? Could this be installed if necessary?
  5. If indoor and outdoor maintenance became too daunting, could you easily find service providers?  If living on a fixed income would you be able to budget for these services?

While most older adults want to age in place, they don’t always consider what makes an ideal “forever home.” Considering proximity of healthcare providers, social support, budget and home layout are crucial for successfully age in place.

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