How Does Caregiver Stress Make Your Job Harder?

Posted on,2017Healthcare professionals experience more than their fair share of stress on the job. While assisting patients having physical, cognitive or mental health challenges, they frequently are also managing the concerns of the patients’ loved ones: their family caregivers.

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What Are You Doing To Stress Out Your Employees?

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what-are-you-doing-to-stress-outThose working in the health and mental health arena are already dealing with significant stress on the job working with patients, clients and caregivers.  But are you another source of stress for your colleagues, subordinates and managers?  Here are 3 areas to consider as we usher in the New Year:

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Do You Need Therapy In 2017?

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Healthcare providers and family caregivers experience tremendous stress.  When the stress becomes overwhelming, sometimes seeing a therapist is a great first step to finding healthier ways to manage it.  Here are five signs that you might benefit from seeing a counselor in 2017 if…

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Why You Need To Ask Everyone You Know For Help This Year

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bookcoverMy first book, Cruising Through Caregiving: Reducing The Stress of Caring For Your Loved One, was finally released almost three months ago. After years of writing this book and having it go through the critiques of three editors, it was finally being published. People congratulated me on writing a book and having it published, but they had no idea that for me, the really hard part was just beginning—I had to start asking for help.

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Caregiver Martyr Syndrome During The Holiday Season

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meme-martyrsyndromeThe holiday season overwhelms many of us as it adds even more tasks, expectations and events to our already busy calendars. The holidays can be challenging for all caregivers, but particularly so for those already in the throes of caregiver martyr syndrome.

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