Are You a Selfish Caregiver?

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The word “selfish” has negative connotations. Most of us think of “selfish” as narcissistic, thoughtless, and self-centered. But if you are caring for a sick, disabled and/ or older loved one, it helps to be a selfish caregiver—at least some of the time.

What is a selfish caregiver?
Since caregiving for a loved one is a supremely selfless act, it’s crucial to inject some selfishness into your experience. A selfish caregiver acknowledges that caregiving is one the most daunting challenges a person can undertake. A selfish caregiver knows that she needs some time for herself. A selfish caregiver knows that she has nothing to give her loved one if she only focuses on that other person.

Giving yourself permission to take breaks from caregiving, spending time with others you love, enjoying hobbies and taking care of your basic needs makes you a better caregiver. When caregiving, being a more selfish caregiver is necessary for survival. Becoming a little bit more of a selfish caregiver is the key to self-preservation, especially during a long caregiving journey.

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