5 Top Gifts For Caregivers This Holiday Season

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With nearly 44 million Americans caring for older loved ones, you probably have at least one caregiver on your holiday gift list. What are the best gifts for caregivers this holiday season?

1. Gift certificates for healthy meals. Cooking is time-consuming and can be challenging when caregiving. A gift certificate for takeout or delivery is one of the most appreciated gifts for caregivers. While a neighborhood favorite restaurant or takeout place is a great choice, you may want to purchase online from a chain restaurant if you aren’t sure what local options are preferred near the caregiver you are buying for.

2. Arrange a service. What else does the caregiver not have time to do because of caregiving duties? Grocery delivery, landscaping, snow removal, house cleaning are some ideas to consider. If you know when it would be convenient or needed, some service gifts for caregivers can be scheduled when purchased. Otherwise a gift card can be presented so the caregiver can schedule for the best time.

3. Books about caregiving. One of the greatest gifts for caregivers is better understanding how to manage caregiving and/or the disease their older loved one has been diagnosed with. Some caregivers will appreciate an e-book while others still enjoy holding an old-fashioned physical book in their hands. Check out my recommended caregiver book list for ideas: https://www.jenerationshealth.com/book-about-caregiving-reviews-by-jennifer-fitzpatrick-of-jenerations-health-education.shtml.

4. A weekend away. While this may be the one of the best gifts for caregivers, it should be arranged along with help finding respite for the older person the caregiver is responsible for.

5. Movies about caregiving. There are many Hollywood films that depict caregiving. It often can be helpful for a caregiver to see a new fictional perspective on caregiving. This can ignite meaningful discussions about what is working and not working in real-life. If you are looking for a film about dealing with a dementia diagnosis, check out: https://www.jenerationshealth.com/dementia-and-caregiving-movie-reviews-by-jennifer-fitzpatrick-of-jenerations-health-education.shtml.

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