Cruising Through Caregiving

Caregiving is no vacation, but you can cruise more smoothly through it.

If you’re facing the reality that you currently are or are about to become a caregiver— whether you planned for it or not— Cruising through Caregiving is the down-to-earth and authoritative resource you need. Jennifer FitzPatrick has been through nearly every possible scenario on the caregiving spectrum, both professionally and personally, and she expertly shows you how to be a responsible, loving caregiver without being overcome by guilt, exhaustion, or worry.

FitzPatrick offers practical and effective solutions to help you reduce caregiving stress. Cruising through Caregiving will help save you money, energy, and time. Its simple strategies will show you how to get the help you need as you navigate your loved one’s finances, living setting, or declining physical and mental health conditions.

Advice and resources from FitzPatrick and twenty-four other professionals show how to give your loved one the best quality of life possible without sacrificing your own life, health, career, relationships, or financial stability.


About The Author

Jennifer L. FitzPatrick MSW, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional),  is the founder of Jenerations Health Education, Inc., a training company that helps healthcare and senior living organizations and associations.  She is also an adjunct gerontology instructor at Johns Hopkins University’s Certificate on Aging program.

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Praise for Cruising Through Caregiving:

“Cruising through Caregiving offers support and practical ideas, including how to help from a distance, how to avoid making false promises, and how to manage financial impact. This is a useful resource from someone with vast experience, both as a gerontologist and a caregiver.”

—Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Actor & New York Times best-selling author of Where the Light Gets In

“What makes this book invaluable is Jen’s expertise on caregiver stress. It’s one thing to get a handle on the obvious—Will the money run out? Who helps me? Is aging-in-place a good idea?—and another to be open-minded about the emotional challenges we face in the eldercare process. There are many ways to be a good caregiver; but perhaps the greatest skill of all is the willingness to change course and correct mistakes. This book shows you how.”

—Joy Loverde, author of The Complete Eldercare Planner and Who Will Take Care Of Me When I Am Old?

“In my Life Care Planning law practice, my Elder Care Coordinator and I work with many families struggling with the challenges of caregiving. As we focus on the elders who needs care, we work hard to assure that their families have access to the tools and resources they need. But until I read Cruising Through Caregiving, we have not had a framework for helping the caregivers understand that they have a right to include their own needs in the choices that are made. Now, I find that it is natural to use Ms. Fitzpatrick’s terminology when I discuss those options with our clients and their families. I strongly recommend this book not only to families dealing with the stress of caregiving, but to the professionals who seek to help them.”

—Marsha Goodman, CELA President, Life Care Planning Law Firms Association (LCPLFA)

“Caring for a loved one is a challenge — and most people are unprepared for the myriad of complex issues they will face. Cruising Through Caregiving is a must-read for any caregiver. This informative book not only offers advice for handling the tough emotions, but also provides solid guidance for medical, financial, housing and dementia care. Caregivers who read this book will be empowered to better manage the pressures that are common to all caregivers.”

—Dianne C. McGraw, LCSW, CMC President, Aging Life Care Association (ACLA)

“Jennifer FitzPatrick has perfected a fine and detailed primer for the caregiver, focusing on the complicated trials and tribulations of caregiving. Using excellent examples, she dissects various problems and offers sound, practical and up-to-date information and advice. A must read for professionals, caregivers and all aging Boomers!”

—Virginia Ford, MSN, CRNP, Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, University of Pennsylvania Health System, Translational Research Center



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